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Sailing and boating is a big part of the lifestyle in the winterless north in New Zealand.  It is not far to any yacht club in the region, where you will find many clubs with programmes for learning to sail and dinghy racing events.

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From learning to sail
in the internationally recognised Optimist class to the high performance Javelin, or A Class Cat, there is a class of boat for everybody that will suit all weights and ages.

Northland has had great success in national and international events.

Northland activities
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Northland Sailors Race record

Antje Muller Craig Gilberd

Michael Cate

Andrew Murdock

Phil McNeill

1st 2010 Javelin Nationals

1st 2010 Splash Nationals

1st 2010 NZ Laser class nationals

1st 2009 South Pacific Javelin
Andrew Murdock 1st 2009 NZ Laser class nationals
5th at 2008 Laser class Olympic Games
Ben Lutze 1st 2008 Splash worlds
Andy Maloney 1st 2008 Laser Radial worlds
Marcus Hansen Ist 2006 Optimist nationals
Blair Tuke 1st 2006 Splash worlds
Andy Maloney 1st 2006 Splash nationals
Phil McNeill 1st 2006 Javelin nationals
Sharon Ferris 7th 2004 Ingling class Olympics
Shandy Buckley 1st 2002 Splash worlds